About Us:

We're Sales & Visibility Specialists, aiding businesses in growth through nurturing your marketing leads and overseeing sales operations, increasing visibility through connections and event opportunities, and offering accountability to propel your business forward.

Our Values:

  • Curiosity - Exploring new perspectives for valuable insights.

  • Humor - Adding a touch of fun to business.

  • Integrity - Wholeheartedly believing in our clients' success.

  • Advocacy - Acting as your biggest fan and sharing your gifts with others.

Meet Susie Moon:

Hi, I'm Susie Moon, the founder of Susie Moon Consulting, established in late 2019. I have a passion for spreading the missions of small business owners, while having fun and raising the energy.

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Our Approach:

At Susie Moon Consulting (SMC), we partner with you to meet sales goals, providing fresh perspectives and insights into your customer's journey.

Why SMC:

Our hearts are bigger than normal. Your success equals our success, and we want you to have that massive impact on the world. We're here to help you shine. We optimize your marketing efforts, uncover roadblocks, and serve as your accountability partner and strategist.

Our Promise:

Working with SMC means elevating your brand, business, and life. Expect positive energy, a sprinkle of humor, and personalized attention without any extra charge.

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About Susie Moon Consulting.

We are Sales & Visibility Specialists: Helping businesses grow via Lead Generation, Sales Operations and Tech Support, Visibility and Connections, and Prospect Nurturing. We are the Accountability Partner and Strategist that you need to grow your business.

Our values include:

  • Curiosity - Is there a new way of looking at things? What can we uncover that might be helpful?

  • Humor - We love cracking jokes to lighten the mood. Business can be fun.

  • Integrity - We believe wholeheartedly in the clients we work with. Your success is our success.

  • Resourcefulness - We love solving puzzles. If we are not able to find the answer, we find it another way.

Hi! I’m Susie Moon, founder of Susie Moon Consulting. About 4 years ago, I decided to make the leap to start my own business, which allowed me to work with amazing creative visionaries, support their mission and grow their businesses.

A natural connector, I’ve honed my skills and my team throughout my journey. I know how hard it is to wear all the hats - trying to be all things to all people leaves the visionary drained of energy and unable to create what makes them shine. That’s where SMC comes in.

As Sales & Visibility Specialists, we find the opportunities to get you in front of your ideal clients. We work the leads and introductions that you need to grow your business. We help you make Connections authentically with your clients, allowing you to focus on the vision.

We offer Sales Operations Support, Lead Generation, and Prospect Nurturing. We partner with our clients to help them meet their sales goals. We see things from a fresh perspective and provide insights about your customer’s journey that you might not be aware of. We KNOW that we can get your message out, looking crisp, clean, proofed to the eyeballs, clear in content and driving your ideal clients right into your open arms. That’s what we do.

We know you have leads that you are not nurturing.

You might be frustrated with the marketing dollars you have spent to get sales and good leads. When was the last time you reviewed your sales process and really connected with the leads you already have? That's where Susie Moon Consulting comes in.

We supplement your marketing efforts to truly take advantage of the leads you already warmed up.

You know that you have some roadblocks in your processes and business holding you back, and you need an Accountability Partner and Strategist to help uncover these blocks and clear your path. We are the collaborative Mother Nudger that you need in your business life. We’ve got a proven track record of working with visionaries that have elevated their brand, their business and their life. Want to know more about them? Check out what they have to say about

working with SMC here.

What are visionaries? From the SMC viewpoint, we believe that visionaries are people who want to make a massive impact on the world. Their goal in running their business is to simply show up and speak. They don't want to be overwhelmed with the details, and the task of tracking their sales, leads, and closing ratios drains their energy.

By working with SMC, you’ll find that regular meetings, creating processes and SOPs, and implementing strategies to elevate you is what we do. We work with exciting, fun and creative visionaries that are ready to grow. We treat your business like it is our number one priority, because it is.

And, we’ll have some laughs. Did I mention that? Expect positive, healthy energy with a sprinkling of salty language and jokes. That’s what you get with us, no additional charge for the jokes.

Are you ready for us to Susie Moon your business? Let’s Chat.

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are you ready?

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