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5 Ways To Tackle Social Media When Time Is Limited

October 01, 20212 min read

As a business owner, do you ever feel overwhelmed by wanting to create social media posts or engaging with your followers?

The following are 5 ways to tackle social media when time is limited:

Waiting in line

Admit it...we wait in line for lots of things. Some places may include the post office, the bank, Culver's drive-thru, Kwik Trip (during peak times only), etc. While you are waiting, hop on Instagram and find some posts that resonate with you or your brand, and share them to your stories. If the line is short, go to Twitter and read the Kwik Trip tweets. They are funny as H, E, double hockey sticks!

Watching TV

Do you really watch every single moment of a TV show? If you're watching a series on Netflix, pick one that you have seen before so you do not need to watch every single scene. Hallmark movies, which I highly recommend, are interrupted with many commercials. It's the perfect time to open the Word Swag app on your phone and create new graphics for social media.

Waiting for an appointment

We all schedule appointments. If you arrive early, you typically need to wait for the person to be available. If you are waiting to see a masseuse, therapist, hair stylist, dentist, chiropractor, doctor, or blind date, take advantage of the extra time. Put the Candy Crush or Words with Friends aside, and hop into Facebook groups to look at what people are posting. Is it the day of the week to share your social media links or promote an event? Members of the groups tend to post thinks like, "I'm looking for a..." Go in and tag your recommendations or put a link to your website if it's a good fit for you.

Before, during, and after sporting events

Do you drive your kids to a game, and you need to get there 30 minutes early? Or are you picking them up from practice and they are the last one out of the locker room? There's no better time to create a short video and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, be very careful about sharing on social media while at a Badger or Packer game. Drunk posting can be a dangerous thing.

On the toilet

Yes, you read that correctly. We have ALL done it. Sit down and grab your phone. Take a load off (pun intended). Hopefully, you are alone and can concentrate. No interruptions. Even if you're going #1 and you will be done in two shakes of a lamb's tail, do a quick scroll through LinkedIn to like, share, and comment on your connections posts. Engage with your network to boost the algorithm. Don't forget to wash your hands after!

So there you have it. Let me know how these work out for you.

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Susie Moon

With me, it's more than a to-do list. It's a personal investment in the outcome. I dream with clients about how to improve their business and implement tangible steps to achieve results.

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