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Bucket List Item...Check

May 08, 20221 min read

I knocked something off my bucket list yesterday.

As I was grocery shopping, there was a man in front of me at the checkout line who was buying a plant for Mother's Day.

He realized as he was checking out that he didn't have his wallet with him, and I could just tell how defeated he felt because of it.

To alleviate the awkward moment between him and the cashiers, I spoke up, "I got him. I'll take care of it."

The look in the man's eyes was filled with profound gratitude for helping him. He thanked me as he walked out and wished me a happy mother's day.

And that was the first time I had ever paid it forward to a stranger.

I know that the kindness I shared will last with him for a long time.

At that moment, I knew that I was following my mission to build a legacy of love and respect.

What if we all shared a bit of kindness each day? Opening doors for others, leaving good parking spots for people who need them more, etc.?

What kind of ripple effect would it make in the world?

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Susie Moon

With me, it's more than a to-do list. It's a personal investment in the outcome. I dream with clients about how to improve their business and implement tangible steps to achieve results.

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