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Descending on Purpose

August 15, 20211 min read

I raised enough money to rappel down a 14-story building yesterday. It was part of a fundraiser called Over The Edge, and it benefited Gilda's Club of Madison. The event was successful as there was over $55,000 raised!

In the picture I'm the one on the right with my arms extended.

Here are a few takeaways from my experience.

  1. My mom was with me the entire time, reminding me that other people have done this. "You're going to be fine," she would say. I wore my #AnchorStrong shirt, a pair of her socks, and the earrings she gave me to keep her extra close.

  2. Bravery, community, dedication, perseverance are essential when participating in an event like this. It's also needed when you are fighting cancer or supporting a loved one going through it. That's why Gilda's Club is so important.

  3. I'm forever grateful for those who donated to the cause on my behalf. THANK YOU!

  4. As a rappeler, you can can control your speed based on your comfort level. Same goes with being a business owner. Take your time and do things when you are ready. It's ok to stop and look around at the scenery.

  5. Lastly, I tend to do "crazy" things like this. I traveled around the world at age 20, ran 3 marathons in my early 30s, went skydiving solo before I was 40, and rappelled at 47. What may be next on the horizon?

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