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The Magical Hat

January 16, 20211 min read

This morning I came across a picture of me with my dad, on our last vacation to Los Angeles.

Not only did it spark memories of a great family trip, but it took me back forty years to another time when my dad wore a similar hat.

And it was magical.

When he turned the hat sideways, he would talk in a funny voice and act super goofy (an early version of Dad-o-saurus?).

When he turned the hat back to the front, he would be normal again.

My brother and I would giggle hysterically when he did this, and we would beg him to do it whenever he wore the hat.

Being goofy has always been a part of him.

It's been a part of me too.

I spent a considerable amount of time suppressing it, trying to fit in and be proper.

Not any more.

I'm confident to know the gifts I possess and how to share them with others.

Being my true self and authentic is one of my core values.

The goofiness is simply a bonus.

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Susie Moon

With me, it's more than a to-do list. It's a personal investment in the outcome. I dream with clients about how to improve their business and implement tangible steps to achieve results.

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