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Your Work is Ready to be Shared

April 11, 20212 min read

Do you dismiss the thought of spending money on a system to make your business more efficient or hiring someone to help you?

You see what needs to be done because you are smart, and you can figure out how to do it. By doing it yourself, you can save money, and you think that is the priority right now.

You disguise your true identity by doing it all yourself. Fear is keeping you from moving your visionary business forward. The world needs what you offer.

You tell yourself this vision is not significant enough to hire an assistant or spend money investing in your business. If you focus and work hard, you can get everything done by yourself.

These beliefs are preventing you from making a positive impact on others, and you end up doing things that drain your energy.

Handing over the administrative work and business operations will allow you to focus on your zone of genius. You will be able to connect to the right people to make a difference in their lives.

In the past you did everything yourself, including the items you really wanted to avoid. You procrastinated to complete the tasks, which delayed the momentum of your business. Perhaps you hired people to help, but you were not successful in managing them.

I know your message needs to be shared because it is powerful and can help so many people. You must sever your old habits of doing everything to make a difference.

Imagine the powerful results if you focus solely on your zone of genius and let others help with the things that are outside of your lane. You know this will make the biggest impact, and the time to start is now.

You have two choices moving forward. Either you can continue doing everything yourself, doubting your true gift, spinning your wheels, and losing the big picture. Or, you can delegate tasks to free yourself and concentrate on sharing your message. You do not have to do it alone. I am here when you are ready.

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Susie Moon

With me, it's more than a to-do list. It's a personal investment in the outcome. I dream with clients about how to improve their business and implement tangible steps to achieve results.

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